Berlin, Germany
May 3-5th 2017
World Congress
Integrative Medicine & Health 2017
10th ECIM & 12th ICCMR Congress Berlin, Germany, May 3-5th 2017
European Society of Integrative Medicine International Society for Complementary Medicine Research (ISCMR)

Main program

Plenary session Wednesday

Wednesday May 3, 2017, 2.00 pm
Plenary session I: Congress opening, Traditional healing systems
Chair: Prof Benno Brinkhaus, Prof Torkel Falkenberg
Musical opening by Ni Fan (China)
Words of welcome: Minister of Health Germany (greetings), Prof Axel Radlach-Pries (Dean Charité), Prof Vinjar Magne Fønnebø (for ISCMR), Prof Stefan N. Willich (for the congress presidents)
Video greeting: Dr Margaret Chan (WHO)
Keynote 1: Dr Josie Briggs
The Lessons from Integrative Medicine: Sometimes Less Really is More

Keynote 2: Dr Merlin Willcox
Traditional Medicine and Primary Health Care in Africa

Research prizes


Plenary sessions Thursday

Thursday May 4, 2017, 8.30 am
Plenary session II: Research

Chair: Prof Benno Brinkhaus, Prof Claudia Witt
Keynote 1 (The Marja Verhoef Lecture): Prof Klaus Linde:
Evidence of effectiveness but not efficacy - why many complementary therapies are so hard to accept for biomedicine
Keynote 2: Prof Michael Moore:
An overview of antimicrobial resistance and the potential role of herbal medicines for antibiotic sparing

Thursday May 4, 2017, 4.30 pm
Plenary session III: Arts and Medicine
Chair: Prof Stefan N. Willich, Dr Iva Fattorini
Keynote 1: Dr Lisa Wong
Healing the Community through the arts:  Framing and Reflections

Keynote 2: Prof Töres Theorell:
How do cultural activities influence our health?


Plenary sessions Friday

Friday May 5, 2017, 8.30 am
Plenary session IV: Clinical Care

Chair: Dr Michael Teut, Prof Brian Berman
Keynote 1: Prof Darong Wu:
Integrating CAM into Hospital Care: Perspectives from China

Keynote 2: Prof Jeffery A. Dusek
“Integrating complementary and integrative health therapies into US hospitals – the role of practice based research in guiding the field”

Friday May 5, 2017, 4.30 pm
Plenary session V: Education
Chair: Prof Aviad Haramati, Prof Stefan N. Willich
Keynote 1: Prof Aviad Haramati:
Addressing Chronic Stress and Burnout in Health Professionals: The Educational Imperative for Incorporating Mindfulness for Self-Care
Keynote 2: Prof David Eisenberg
Nutrition and Lifestyle Education in an Era of Obesity and Diabetes – Might “Teaching Kitchens” Serve as Catalysts of Personal and Societal Transformation?


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